Caring for yourself

When someone uses alcohol or drugs people around them can be affected in many ways. Family, friends and colleagues can find themselves in very stressful situations; emotionally, socially, financially, and physically.

Living with other people’s problems can be hard.

  • Work out where you stand; this will help you prepare yourself for situations that may occur by thinking through how you want to respond and behave.
  • Each of us is responsible for our own behaviour; don’t accept blame for how someone else behaves.
  • Look after yourself, especially if there is a risk of violence or abuse. Know who to contact and where to go for help.

Protect children by providing them with support and a place of safety where necessary.

If you are aware of others that have experienced similar situations you might seek their advice and guidance. They have been there,  they know what works and what might not work.

The Alcohol Drug Helpline works with you and supports you to meet your own needs. The Helpline provides you with an opportunity to talk through the issues that impact you. Call the Alcohol Drug Helpline (0800 787 797), or search our service directory for details of treatment providers in your area.