Types of Help

There are a variety of interventions and help available to you. The help you choose will depend upon its suitability and any recommedations from your GP or other professional advisors. The following list provides you with an overview of help available. It should be considered a guide only, for your information. Please click on a heading for more details of each form of help.

Screening and Brief Intervention – Simple screening is a brief process to discover the likelihood that a person has a problem, the presence of other related problems.

Comprehensive Assessment – Comprehensive assessment is considered to be essential to identify the help that is likely to be most effective for the individual.

1 on 1 counselling – Counselling involves having regular sessions with an alcohol and other drug counsellor who can listen to an individual and help them develop.

Self Help Groups – Support groups do not provide treatment, but can complement treatment.

Day programmes –  Some people will benefit from a structured intervention such as a day programme, where they attend a non-residential programme, during the day.

Residential programmes –  Some people will benefit from a structured residential programme, the average length of which is 6-12 weeks, but can be up to one year.

MedicationMedication is sometimes used to help with detoxification, promote abstinence or prevent relapse to alcohol and other drug use within a comprehensive.

Methadone – Methadone treatment is an example of harm reduction assistance.

Detox – Some people require a withdrawal management service, colloquially referred to as “detox” or detoxification treatment.

Relapse Prevention – Relapse can be an issue for many people who seek treatment for problems with alcohol or other drugs.

After Care – After-care involves providing on-going support so that the gains made in treatment are not lost.

Psycho-Social  therapies – Counsellors and other professionals use a wide range of therapies and techniques to meet people’s psychological and social needs.