What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are a range of items that help raise awareness of the Alcohol Drug Helpline. Products include t-shirts, pens and mugs. Click here to order promotional products. Allied health providers may also obtain a variety of printed material and information sheets by calling the Helpline on 0800 787 797,

What forms of treatment are available from the Helpline?

The Helpline is able to conduct a brief assessment your current situation, provide advice and guidance and refer you to an appropriate provider. Most importantly, at the Helpline we listen to your story, without judgment and your conversation remains confidential.

What training do Helpline staff receive?

All Helpline counsellors are given comprehensive initial and ongoing training by our service to help people with alcohol and other drug issues. Counsellors complete external study for appropriate qualifications and take part in ongoing professional development and supervision.

What records does the Helpline keep?

As a Government funded service provider, the Helpline is required to provide a record of aggregated data about the number and type of calls made to the Helpline. These reports do not include any personal or identifying information about individual callers. Your call may be monitored for supervision purposes. This in necessary to ensure our counsellors receive appropriate training in how to create a positive and rewarding experience for you.

Who operates the Alcohol Drug Helpline?

The Helpline, this website and the Treatment Directory are provided and maintained by Homecare Medical – a partnership between Pegasus Health and ProCare, two of New Zealand’s largest primary health networks. Read more